Learn from Pusheen 😽 how to set realistic new year resolutions

Explore more, play more, snack more, sleep more! These are totally realistic and achievable for a cat 🐱 lol!

As some of you already know by now that I love our furrry friends and sometimes take inspiration from pusheen videos. Here is another good one reminding us, their human friends to set realistic resolutions.

Often we see these

  • 15 books to read in 2020 that will change your life
  • 20 ways to make yourself happier and healthier
  • 10 things to do now if you’re job hunting

And the list goes on…We try to write ambitious resolutions and when resolutions don’t work, they are inherently depressing😿.

My own experience has been to set short term goals and the tasks needed to achieve the goals. When I started I set only 1 most pressing goal and broke down the tasks into doable steps so I had no excuse to fail. It worked for me. Some goals seem to last forever. For me it’s de-cluttering. But I don’t feel bad about it because I am making progress.

Hope you enjoyed this pusheen video!

2020 marks the 600th and 95th anniversary of the Forbidden City and the Palace Museum respectively 🎊

I’ve not visited, and like many of you have caught glimpses of this magnificent place from the movie The Last Emperor. Well would 2020 be a year to visit? As it marks the 600th and 95th anniversary of the Forbidden City and the Palace Museum (故宫博物馆, Gùgōng Bówùguǎn) respectively.

The Forbidden City is one of China’s foremost-protected cultural heritage sites, and in 1987 it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

2019 visitor numbers exceeded 19 million for the first time👇🏻

To commemorate the double anniversaries, you can look forward to seminars and exhibitions covering ancient architecture, calligraphy, paintings as well and Chinese and foreign civilizations. And also a series of film and television works! A busy year for the museum and would be visitors indeed!

The official website (link below) where you’ll find useful museum information such as – opening hours, special exhibitions, virtual tours (I just love these tours☺️), ticket prices, how to go etc.

Or like me, you can also follow them on Weibo (Chinese microblogging website, link enclosed below) for interesting facts and information as well as browse photos posted by visitors. Seasonal facts such as “where to find the most/ best spots for ginkgo in the palace” are also posted there (I’ve enclosed the link below). Plus many many photos from their official Weibo site. Enjoy!




3 cities 🏙 – How fake news changed 1 of them in 2019

These are the 3 cities in which I live in a year. 2019 was no exception. I’m neither a Chinese national nor from Hongkong. But I’ve lived in the latter for more than a decade.
There were no new year fireworks 🎇 to welcome 2020 in Hongkong. A first in more than a decade.

Since June 2019, before leaving home I have to check for any protests that day, which metro stations were under repair or would be closed earlier, traffic lights broken, atm machines, banks and retail shops vandalized or severely burnt. Where rioters use petrol bombs, sharp weapons, guns …

And when you’re out, you’ve to be careful not to speak out that you condemn violence for fear someone next to you is a radical and beat you up. Or worse, set you on fire 🔥 as they did to an elderly man.

If you’re thinking I’m making this up, there’re plenty of news on YouTube from CGTN, RT and Channel News Asia (CNA) for English speakers. If you’re thinking “oh CGTN is a Chinese controlled media hence it is bias”, then you’re saying that these 7 months the streets of Hong Kong is a Hollywood movie violence scene played over and over…

As I write this on New Year’s Day, they’re out again…blocking roads, breaking traffic lights, damaging shops, atms, even burning the iconic bronze lion outside Hsbc bank in Central.

Fake news, fake journalists, double standards from some western media who have repeatedly gone online that the HK protests are peaceful have cleverly used fear and rumor mongering to stir these riots and used democracy and freedom as sacred goals.

They say democracy and freedom are core values. But aren’t non violence and respect of rule of law core values too? Real people live here. Children as young as 12 years old have been pushed out to the streets as freedom fighters. What do they know. Do you want the next generation to believe violence and lies can solve your problems.

Albeit the city has its problems like income gaps, housing. But the last 7 months, the rioters and their supporters are telling us violence, triad behaviors and lies are acceptable to achieve the goals of freedom and democracy and to “silence” anyone, business and even judges that don’t accept their behaviors through terrorizing, doxxing, beating, burning. A video which summarizes how their violence has escalated since June and a press conference by the police on 2 January 2020 are enclosed below.

Enough is enough. I used to take photos and videos from live tv news. But now I avoid the news if possible because the same scenes of violence and riots play out after each “peaceful” protest. How radicals and their supporters rationalize their crimes. Cover up with more lies and fake news. It’s sickening.

Happy new year to everyone. My wish for 2020 is for peace and the world to be a better place to live for all – including all the animals and nature that share this place we call home.

photo source: urban redevelopment authority SINGAPORE, Scmp, Nhk world

DIY Origami mouse 🐭 to celebrate year of the rat 2020!

I’m not strong in the area of art and craft. I mean I need instructions 😉. As an example, other than making occasional origami, cross stitch is the only other craft I can do reasonably well.

Origami helps boost my mindfulness, patience and attention to details. Miss or skip a step and the final product will either be impossible to make or look “different”.

Do you know that 2020 celebrates the year of the rat based on the Chinese zodiac calendar? According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the first day of the rat year is January 25 2020.

For the Japanese, it’s also the rat year though it begins January 1 2020.

So why not surprise your friends with hand made new year cards or crafts with origami mouse 🐭? You can mount the origami on recycle cardboard/ paper or simply as table decorations. Check out my slideshow of the steps here!

Thanks for dropping by to read this post and hope you’ll enjoy origami too 😊