What’s going on …why?

While at a really nice bookstore a few days ago (I posted a picture of it), a book’s front cover had “Unfortunate situations, flawed coping mechanisms, mayhem and other things that happened”.

With so much that’s happened and ongoing – raging fires, protests, escalating war tensions I finished the book in 2 hours. Not because I could read fast but almost every page contained 2 or 3 drawings. Almost like a comic kind of book.

My review: As an adult reader, I felt she did a wonderful job with the drawings and sometimes true sometimes exaggerated (hence the title?), witty depictions of human emotions in situations such as – depression, motivation, lying about something you don’t actually like etc etc.

We’re all different after all when it comes to dealing with situations. But flawed coping mechanisms shaped from norms and expectations make matters worse. Do you agree?