Yanagawa 柳川 – water water everywhere

It’s water water everywhere!

Yanagawa (柳川) is known for its hundreds of kilometers of canals and hence its name “city of water” in Japan. Guided cruise along its canals is one of the top tourist activity when visiting this city in Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu. A photo (1st one below) was taken outside the ruins of the Yanagawa Castle built in Eiroku Period (1558-1570).

The cruise is roughly an hour so like me you may become very hungry … not to worry! Unagi no Seiro-mushi (eel rice steamed in a basket) is one of the specialties of Yanagawa. In fact there’re a few eel rice restaurants once you alight the canal cruise. Below 👇🏻 is the city’s website where you’ll find lots of information on the canal cruise and list of eel rice restaurants. Enjoy 😉


Light through stained glass with famous icons of Hongkong.

Beckys square photo challenge: Light

I took these from the second floor looking down. These beautiful pieces of stained glass (I cut into 4 pictures to fit the square theme😊) are at Standard Chartered Bank in Central Hongkong. Famous icons of the city are included – colorful neon signs suspended above crowded streets, junk boats, tram and metro.

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We’re woolly sheep 🐑 from Rokkosan pasture…come visit us!

Debbie from Travel With Intents quotation inspired image

Come visit us at Rokkosan Pasture in Kobe Japan. This hilly pasture is home to sheep 🐑, big and small and they roam freely. Yes! And so for sheep lovers this is the place to go if you’re visiting Japan.

Sharing some of my photos from 2 years ago. And if you like soft serve ice cream 🍦, they have really smooth and creamy ones on sale at outdoor stalls where you can sit down on the grass and mingle with our sheep friends.

Here is their official website available in various languages. Enjoy 😉


2020 marks the 600th and 95th anniversary of the Forbidden City and the Palace Museum respectively 🎊

I’ve not visited, and like many of you have caught glimpses of this magnificent place from the movie The Last Emperor. Well would 2020 be a year to visit? As it marks the 600th and 95th anniversary of the Forbidden City and the Palace Museum (故宫博物馆, Gùgōng Bówùguǎn) respectively.

The Forbidden City is one of China’s foremost-protected cultural heritage sites, and in 1987 it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

2019 visitor numbers exceeded 19 million for the first time👇🏻

To commemorate the double anniversaries, you can look forward to seminars and exhibitions covering ancient architecture, calligraphy, paintings as well and Chinese and foreign civilizations. And also a series of film and television works! A busy year for the museum and would be visitors indeed!

The official website (link below) where you’ll find useful museum information such as – opening hours, special exhibitions, virtual tours (I just love these tours☺️), ticket prices, how to go etc.

Or like me, you can also follow them on Weibo (Chinese microblogging website, link enclosed below) for interesting facts and information as well as browse photos posted by visitors. Seasonal facts such as “where to find the most/ best spots for ginkgo in the palace” are also posted there (I’ve enclosed the link below). Plus many many photos from their official Weibo site. Enjoy!