Learn from Pusheen 😽 how to set realistic new year resolutions

Explore more, play more, snack more, sleep more! These are totally realistic and achievable for a cat 🐱 lol!

As some of you already know by now that I love our furrry friends and sometimes take inspiration from pusheen videos. Here is another good one reminding us, their human friends to set realistic resolutions.

Often we see these

  • 15 books to read in 2020 that will change your life
  • 20 ways to make yourself happier and healthier
  • 10 things to do now if you’re job hunting

And the list goes on…We try to write ambitious resolutions and when resolutions don’t work, they are inherently depressing😿.

My own experience has been to set short term goals and the tasks needed to achieve the goals. When I started I set only 1 most pressing goal and broke down the tasks into doable steps so I had no excuse to fail. It worked for me. Some goals seem to last forever. For me it’s de-cluttering. But I don’t feel bad about it because I am making progress.

Hope you enjoyed this pusheen video!

When garbage bags remind us that change happen when we change 🌞

Life Does Not Get Better By Chance, It Gets Better By Change

Jim Rohn

Somehow it’s delightful to see inspirational quotes on every day things like mugs, sandwich bags, T-shirts and now garbage bags! We can easily DIY these bags if necessary.

When we throw away unwanted items or negative feelings, we’re making the first step towards changing our life.

Make change happen today!

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Journaling to blogging 📝

Sometime ago I read about the benefits of daily journaling such as

  • improve one’s clarity and focus
  • help form habits
  • progress tracker

That it is one of the most life changing habit you can acquire. But it is also one that most people have tried and failed … several times.

I was never one to write about anything … I mean I reply to messages, emails … but these are not the same as writing.

As I write this post, and with the title “journaling to blogging” I’m happy 😃 that I’ve made the first small step 👣.

2 things that really worked for me

1: Use electronic medium such as Post-it, sticky note apps available. Why? As I mentioned I’ve never kept a diary or had the habit of writing. But I use my iPhone everyday to text … WhatsApp, emails and now even for WordPress.

My takeaway therefore is don’t buy a notebook or use a notebook when starting out. Because it’s intimidating to see empty pages. And I’m not used to handwriting now … on the other hand texting is something I am comfortable, I can delete what I don’t like, use emojis 👈🏻 this is important!

2: Don’t fret about what to write, if it’s too mundane, it’s not worth writing.

Again because I’m using a digital journal, I can capture photos and use them in my writing. Photos help fill up empty space and are catalysts for writing ideas 💡

And so as I made traction in journaling, I also started my blogging journey.

To all those who’ve followed or liked, I want to say thank you 😊, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This is not a paid review for post-it or any sticky notes!

I may receive a small commisson if you choose to purchase from the travel experts – klook

Forest walk 🌳 and how I’m reusing ♻️ my snack bags

I grew up in the city. Therefore taking forest walks like this was impossible except on travels. I love forest and nature sounds, birds singing, water flowing. It is feeling of being alive and that mother nature is beautiful and wonderful.

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Forest and nature sounds, birds singing

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Panoramic picture and forest sounds

Every bit in our efforts to fight climate change and save the earth counts.

Instead of buying sandwich or snack bags, I’ve been reusing these. Good quality bags used by manufacturers to keep our biscuits, sweets and chocolates. Double lock resealable, aluminum foil lined and some with bases too. Not to mention they look good 😊. I always have 1 in my bag for unexpected takeout needs.

wash and reuse

Thanks for reading and have a great day!