How to care for Lithops (living stone plants) in winter ❄️

My succulents collection by the window 😊
New growth 💪🏻 and old leaves drying up

Lithops are also called living stones or pebble plants, since they very much resemble stones and pebbles!

Lithops care in winter through to spring (depends on where you live) is usually a time when littler no watering is recommended. And especially when the old leaf pair is drying out and the new pair develop (as you see in my plant). If water is given too soon, the old “leaves” will try to continue to grow and the plant will not develop properly.

I’ll update this post with new pictures of my plant’s growth. Hopefully it continues to grow well … 🤞🏻

Thanks for dropping by to read this post and please share your experience with Lithops too!