WordPress premium – after 3 months ☺️

It was a spur of the moment decision when I signed up for premium. I didn’t research enough and I didn’t consider my own time commitment. With this in mind and having officially reached 3 months of membership today, here are my thoughts 💭

Just before this post, I shared how I journeyed from journaling to blogging.

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This was an important step for me for 2 reasons:-

  • Ready myself – read extensively and write better
  • Build style and confidence

Begin with the personal plan, familiarize yourself with WordPress then upgrade.

If you want your own domain name from day 1, my advice is start with the personal plan first. Then upgrade. After all, credit for the remaining time on your existing subscription will be applied to your upgrade. 

I have decent computer skills, and found it confusing and frustrating at first even just flipping between the desktop and app version. And even after 3 months I’m still learning 😬.

Therefore my suggestion is to use the personal plan to get onboard with how WordPress works. What works, what doesn’t. So that you don’t waste money and feel pressured while learning, connecting, planning, writing all at the same time!

Storage space and additional monetizing capabilities are the main differences between the personal and premium plans. I now know from hindsight that I don’t need all of these features at the outset.

Both plans offer email and live chat and so far the customer service team at WordPress has been quick to respond and with solutions I needed.

Be prepared to work if you want views …

My own experience is that if I didn’t publish a post, I had no views nor visitors. This is to be expected with a small followers base. And lots of news and information already out there competing for our daily reading bandwidth.
Did you know… WordAds count views from non WordPress users. I confirmed this with WordPress customer service. They can subscribe to your posts too via email but they cannot like your posts.

Conclusion … for now

It’s been only 3 months after all 😊. I want to thank all my followers and readers for your time. You’re a key motivation for me to continue!

Thank you for reading and a very happy new year to you🥰

I may receive a small commisson if you choose to purchase from the travel experts – klook

Journaling to blogging 📝

Sometime ago I read about the benefits of daily journaling such as

  • improve one’s clarity and focus
  • help form habits
  • progress tracker

That it is one of the most life changing habit you can acquire. But it is also one that most people have tried and failed … several times.

I was never one to write about anything … I mean I reply to messages, emails … but these are not the same as writing.

As I write this post, and with the title “journaling to blogging” I’m happy 😃 that I’ve made the first small step 👣.

2 things that really worked for me

1: Use electronic medium such as Post-it, sticky note apps available. Why? As I mentioned I’ve never kept a diary or had the habit of writing. But I use my iPhone everyday to text … WhatsApp, emails and now even for WordPress.

My takeaway therefore is don’t buy a notebook or use a notebook when starting out. Because it’s intimidating to see empty pages. And I’m not used to handwriting now … on the other hand texting is something I am comfortable, I can delete what I don’t like, use emojis 👈🏻 this is important!

2: Don’t fret about what to write, if it’s too mundane, it’s not worth writing.

Again because I’m using a digital journal, I can capture photos and use them in my writing. Photos help fill up empty space and are catalysts for writing ideas 💡

And so as I made traction in journaling, I also started my blogging journey.

To all those who’ve followed or liked, I want to say thank you 😊, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This is not a paid review for post-it or any sticky notes!

I may receive a small commisson if you choose to purchase from the travel experts – klook